• Testimonials

    What people who have worked with Laura have to say

    “After jumping around from different counsellors, I can confidently say Laura is the best around. She is very kind, personable, and understanding. Her open heart and knowledge makes conversation flow smoothly and flawlessly. She is able to help you dig deep and solve the uncomfortable problems. She is constantly expanding her knowledge in the industry and has never steered me wrong. Highly recommended.”

    “I started working with Laura in October of 2016, it was a very dark time in my life because my career was in the fritz and I was depressed, It had started affecting my relationships and I was in a very dark place. Laura helped me understand how drama works, gave me the tools to tame my anxiety and has been helping me explore different episodes of my life and reconciling with what happened.”

    “Whenever I have a session with Laura she always makes me feel comfortable, understood and there is never any judgement. Laura has taught me many valuable things about myself and continues to push me to learn more. And most importantly Laura has the best isms!!!”