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    My approach to working with clients can be summed up in two words: Collaboration and Trust. The client is the expert on their life, I am the one with the book knowledge and through our trusting therapeutic relationship, we create a unique plan. Psychedelics operate like a reset button by breaking down entrenched ways of thinking. Once the monkey mind is quiet, through integrative process of therapy, clients are able to change the way they process the world.

    In our digital and virtual world of connectivity, we have become the most disconnected society to ever exist. Addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma are social diseases, they belong to us all. The need to organically reconnect has never been greater. It it only through connection to ourselves, to others and to nature that we can achieve and regain the wholeness of our essence, the complete essence we are all born with.

    My practice specializes in helping people work through transformation using the psychedelic experience. I also offer online therapy dealing with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, and trauma using the following therapies: