• Psychedelic Integration Therapy

    In her practice, Laura supports holistic healing and lasting life changes through transformational experiences. More people are turning to alternative and holistic approaches to heal and resolve a number of mental, emotional, relational, and physical conditions that block one’s full expression and potential in life. As you embark upon these new experiences to healing, you discover that proper preparation and integration after these journeys is where positive changes are solidified.

    The Psychedelic Integration Program includes:

    • Preparation for transformational experiences
    • Education on Psychedelic use
    • Diet and Lifestyle behaviors
    • Skills & navigation training & holistic healing guidance
    • The environment of the setting and the discovering the intention
    • Aftercare integration to solidify positive changes

    I am here to help you discover the possibilities in your suffering, identify your core wounds and blocks that lie behind your challenges, and allow you to rediscover your power to create the positive changes you seek. I will guide you through your own journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-love. Reconnection to your authentic self, to others in your life and to the natural world then becomes a reality.