• My Philosophy

    Life offers amazing highs. Life presents colossal lows. Life’s pendulum swings both ways.

    Experiencing the lows is just as important as the highs. They soften us, humble us, teaches us to understand our emotions, thoughts, behaviors. It is this pain that allows us to move through the blockages, overcome the hurdles and obstacles. It is here where we truly discover our full potential. It is here where we learn the truth. It is here where we are set free.

    The ups and downs need each other. They are life’s most potent ingredients. But balance is essential. And when we are out of balance, feel disconnected to ourselves, to others, to the natural world, life can become unbearable.

    We can achieve this balance through what I call the 5 P’s. They allow you to achieve your full potential and give you power and control over your thoughts, emotions and behavior. They allow you to do the best you can, with what you’ve got and where you are.

    • Persistence – to explore what works for you and what doesn’t and to always get back up when you fall.
    • Patience – to constantly work on yourself, accepting the good, bad and ugly. Learn to have patience and belief in the process as you work through issues, obstacles, blockages.
    • Perspective – there are many perspectives to every situation. Realizing and reflecting which perspective helps you move forward.
    • Possibilities – what possibilities are available to you if you shift your perspective.
    • Potential – reaching your full potential as you work on yourself and realizing your vision.

    I Believe:

    • You have the ability and capacity to create the shifts you want and need in your life.
    • Both Internal and external factors can block your potential.
    • The changes you seek are a shared responsibility between you and the therapist.
    • Thoughts, emotions and behaviors are all interconnected.
    • The answers are inside you, the barriers just need to come down.

    Laura Walsh does not endorse the use of illegal substances. She recognizes the necessity for empathetic care and harm reduction strategies.

    She does not provide any illegal substances nor provide information about where to obtain these. Please do not ask for illegal substances.