• Counselling

    I want you to live a life, full of all emotions in a way that is enlightening, empowering, instructing. I believe this is the only way to truly “know thyself”.

    We intuitively know we are well balanced both emotionally and mentally when we are realizing our full potential, coping with the normal stresses of our lives, working productively and being able to make a contribution to our communities. However, we also instinctively know when we are “off balance”. I am here to help you regain your balance and live a fully charged life.

    Regardless of who we are, what we do, life is full of challenges and struggles, some more difficult than others. All of life’s transitions demand adaption. This may require learning new skills, new ways of coping and/or a change in behavior(s) or perspective(s) in order to understand, process and ultimately gain or regain our balance.

    It’s with compassion, empathy and a belief that given the right tools, instruments and vehicles, everyone has the ability to live life to their full potential. I believe the most precious gifts you can give someone is to shift confusion to insight and helplessness to hope.

    A safe space is provided in order to explore uncomfortable or difficult issues and to work through those obstacles together. Through respect, responsibility, integrity and authenticity, trust is developed. You will be seen, heard and validated in this process. It is in this connection, that possibilities are born and the life you want is made clear.

    These sessions are not just about seeking advice but also a way to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and then deciding what, if any, changes would work so that you can live your full potential.

    The smallest changes can bring about the greatest shifts.